About us

Welcome to the European Youth Card Austria!

The European Youth Card is a youth card for everyone from 12 to 30 with discounts and opportunities for home and abroad. It is valid in more than 30 countries in Europe.

The card is operated by the EYCA - European Youth Card Association, a not-for-profit organisation with member organisations in 35 countries in Europe. The Austrian member organisation is the Jugendkarte GmbH [Youthcard Limited Company], which belongs to the Bundesnetzwerk Österreichische Jugendinfos [Austrian Youth Information Centres].

You want to learn more about the European Youth Card? Please visit the EYCA Website.

There is no member organisation in your country? Buy your card online from the EYCA Webshop.

You are EVS volunteer in Austria and didn't get your EVS European Youth Card? Order your card here.

For information in English about the card in Austria, have a look the EYCA Website - Card in Countries.

Do you have any other question about the European Youth Card Austria? Please contact us at info[at]jugendkarte.at! Our job is to answer any questions as best we can!